Monkey Youth Theatre : Ages 12 - 16

Monkey Youth Theatre develops the acting and performance skills of the students so that they feel confident with whatever dramatic style may be demanded of them.

Each year the Monkey Youth Theatre shows require different performance skills, and the young actors are trained to deliver. Ensemble acting lies at the heart of Monkey Theatre work and, through learning how to trust each other and themselves, Monkey actors grow in confidence, make friends, and put on a great show!


6:30pm – 8pm

Come for a Free Taster Session - pay if you stay!

Monkey Youth Theatre - A Midsummer Nght's Dream Show Monkey Youth Theatre - A Grave Tale Show Monkey Youth Theatre - The Saga of Freydis and the Raiders Show A Grave Tale

Performing in shows at Monkey Youth Theatre is a lot of fun, and also a great way to pick up some essential life skills. Rehearsing for a show requires commitment and discipline, and these are encouraged throughout the preparation process.

The young actors gain individual physical and vocal acting skills and, alongside these skills, learn to take on the responsibilities of belonging to an acting ensemble. This experience helps develop communication and social skills, invaluable for their future lives as they make their way out into the adult world.

Monkey Theatre takes place at:
Riverhouse Arts Centre, Manor Rd,
Surrey KT12 2PF

Mobile: 07765 196228